alca windscreen wiper blade super flat

SUPER FLAT windscreen wiper blade

alca SUPER FLAT windscreen wiper blade

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Product Description

wiper blade SUPER FLAT

Art.Nr.: W05000A
  • Elegant, extra flat design with excellent wiping performance
  • Suitable for almost all cars thanks to the universal adapter base system for all our adapters
  • Ideal for the winter time thanks to frost resistant frameless wiper
  • ‘Best wiper blades of the year’ second time in a row
  • Wiping performance of the rubber as permanently streak free tested by Detroit Testing Laboratory, Inc. USA
  • Wiper blade rubber is even more flexible and durable thanks to NANO coating
  • Recommended maximum speed during rain 120 km/h

Technical Details

Length in cm 50,00
Length in inches 20
Traditional Wiper Blade No!
Flat bar wiper blade Yes!
Hybrid No!
Spoiler No!
NANO/Graphite Yes!
Stainless steel rivets No!
Reinforced frame No!
Adapter system Yes!
Adapter incl. No!
Adapter for hook arm inkl. Yes!
Especially for winter No!
Special wiper blade for rear No!
Optimized for using in winter time Yes!
Optional Accessory No!

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